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Preacher Vs Preacher: A Comparison Companion not only recaps episodes of AMC's series Preacher, but also compares it directly to it's source material, the 1990's comic book series of the same name created by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon and published by Vertigo Comics.

Aug 3, 2016

The season wraps up here! Sara Netzly, Entertainment Weekly's online Preacher recapper, joins us AGAIN! Why would she do that to herself? We don't know, but we're glad she did! She helps us break down the last episode this season as Jesse Custer, Tulip O'Hare, Cassidy, Arseface, Sheriff Root, Donnie and Besty, Odin...

Aug 1, 2016

We went live again! This time we pregame the Preacher Season 1 finale! We speculate and theorize about the finale and the road ahead, also we look back at some of the highlights for the season! And Bob Skyped in from Florida! Dedication!

We apologize for the rough skype connection with Bob as the show progresses.